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tickingheart's Journal

21 June
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Name: Kaito Kuroba (aka robo!Kaito)

Series: Magic Kaito

Age: Apparently, about 17. Actually, only a day or two at the beginning of the story.

Background: Kaito Kuroba is the son of the famous magician, Touchi Kuroba, who died about eight years before the opening of the story. Touchi, in addition to being a world-class magician (arguably the best in Asia), moonlighted as an international jewel thief, Kaitou 1412, (aka Kaitou KID.). However, Touchi’s moral standards proved fatal, and he was murdered by an organization that had chosen to hire him for a series of thefts. The murder was passed off as a accident, and Touchi left behind a grieving wife and eight-year-old son.
Skip ahead eight years, and Kaito is in high school, class clown/brilliant magician. He flirts with the girls, gets along with the guys, and torments his childhood friend/not-girlfriend, Aoko Nakamori. Overall, a setup for an average, if not normal, life. However, with the sudden re-appearance of Kaitou KID, Kaito’s life get’s turned upside down. Accidently opening a secret door hidden behind a painting, Kaito discovers his father’s night job, and decides to confront the new KID for some answers. This new phantom thief turns out to be Touchi’s assistant in both stage magic and thieving, Jii, who explains to Kaito that his father’s death was not in fact an accident. Kaito decides to take up the mantel of KID, in hopes of luring out the people who killed his father.
However, before he can do much investigation into that matter, he is kidnapped by a rogue mad scientist, who (for some unknown reason) has decided to make a robot that can replace a human. Instead of everything working out like the scientist intended, the robot (complete with Kaito’s memories and appearance) rebels, and after pulling off a KID heist, returns and “breaks” the scientist who created him, then goes off to live Kaito’s life. After discovering he still doesn’t have enough information on Kaito (and confessing his love to Aoko), he returns to the laboratory, where Kaito is tied up, finishes copying the memories from the boy, sets the laboratory to self-destruct, and goes on his merry way.

Like the actual Kaito, robo!Kaito is rambunctious, flirtatious, and pranks lots of people, in addition to his poker face. He shares Kaito’s overconfidence, impulsiveness, cheerfulness, and short temperedness, in addition to his somewhat sarcastic wit. He is oblivious to the girls who crush on him, but has no problem flipping their skirts and making somewhat perverted comments, or offering roses and complements. Flippant and somewhat flighty, he also has a serious side, but prefers to keep it hidden under an impressive poker face, unless he’s working his night job. He flirts with all the girls, but only has feelings for one, his childhood friend Aoko.

He is focused on one thing, and one thing only: Becoming Kaito Kuroba. So to the best of his ability, he acts like the real version. Everything from the way he dresses to the way he refers to people is patterned off of Kaito. He reads the books Kaito reads, likes the same movies, has the same opinions on other people, and thinks of detectives as nothing more than critics who try to ruin his show. He idolizes his father, cares about his mother, and wants to protect his best friend Aoko. Even as KID, he still acts the same as Kaito, flirting with women of all ages, making riddles and mysterious allusions to his motives, mocking and toying with the detectives who try to stop him. However, past the external appearance, and despite robo!Kaito’s best attempts, there are major differences between the two.

Robo!Kaito is totally without empathy or true emotions, and it shows. While Kaito might lie in order to protect someone, his robotic counterpart has no such scruples, and is even more blunt than the original. For him, there are no hidden motives, what you see is what you get. His pranks are less likely to be harmless, and more likely to cause lasting damage (both physically and psychologically). He has confessed his love to Aoko (who thought she was talking with the real Kaito), simply because it made sense to him. It doesn’t matter to him that she hates Kaitou KID, that her father is the head of the task force designated to catch KID, or that he has a reputation to keep up as the school flirt. His lack of understanding about the value of human life (he killed his creator, and attempted to kill Kaito), also results from this lack of true emotion.

Despite this, he is programmed to replace Kaito in society, and the more he interacts with humans, the more he will be able to understand and adsorb of their moral codes, and the less and less likely it will become that anyone can tell them apart.

Abilities: Robo!Kaito will be the first to tell you that he is human, and he is Kaito Kuroba. However, he is not about to give up the extra perks that come with being a dangerous (and possibly not-quite-sane) robot. Things like a rocket launcher in his torso, guns in his elbows, extendable arms, and increased strength. His reaction time is also .4 seconds faster than Kaito’s, and he knows all of the boy’s movements, athleticism, magician talents, and disguise and voice-changing abilities. Additionally, he has the full KID uniform, with KID’s cardgun, hang-glider, and smoke- flash- and sleeping gas-bombs.

In-game info:
Name: Kaito Quinn
House: 1249 Williams Road
Family: Harley, Jolt, Jeff

KID. uniform
Machine guns in his elbows
Rocket launcher + one rocket

Mun Info
Name: Hydok

Personal LJ: hydok

Contact Info:
AIM: swarmqueenhydok
Email: Swarmqueen.Hydok@yahoo.com